11 Jan 2018

Create personalised makeup palettes

Create personalised makeup palettes

Last year, Crowd Colour launched as the world’s only company to provide bespoke, customised makeup palettes. With our high definition UV Printer, we are able to create unique, custom makeup palettes with your artwork and photos.

We have sold personalised makeup palettes to customers from all around the world who have either used our simple to use design software or created their own artwork and simply uploaded it on to the designer where you can place it and add text, allowing you to preview your custom palette. 

A custom makeup palette is create for keeping and sharing memories and they also make for great gifts for family and friends, we have even made them for customers who are using them as wedding gifts for their bridesmaids.

“The beauty of our makeup palettes is in the finishing. Every effort is made by the Crowd Colour team to ensure that we provide top notch products and a great service for our customers.” Our palettes come in three sizes; small, medium and large, and have magnetic lids with a mirror on the inside. 

Along with the palettes, we now offer a range of high-quality Diamond Eyeshadow Refills, which provide great value and are an obvious accessory to try when purchasing our empty palettes. Our Eyeshadow Refills are of the highest quality, highly pigmented professional formulations, they are 26mm pans so you can fit 9 in the small, 15 in the medium and 28 in the large makeup palettes.

If you are a small business or salon and would like to discuss creating a personal collection, we would love to speak to you, so please follow us on social, share and help us work with you to create the best products for our customers.

We also have a range of pre printed makeup palettes to choose from, see below.


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