20 Mar 2017

Crowd Colour at Cosmoprof 2017

Crowd Colour at Cosmoprof 2017

Every March for the past 50 years the beautiful, historical City of Bologna in Italy is host to a mecca for makeup and beauty addicts. Cosmoprof International Bologna is the world\'s largest beauty, cosmetics and personals care tradeshow and are attended by over 100,000 beauty professionals from all over the world. I’ve personally attended the show for the past six years now but this year 2017 was by far my best experience. Sourcing and shopping products from around the world for the new Crowd Colour collection was awesome and we literally swatched and tested 1000’s of formulas from the world\'s leading manufacturers and brands. We dedicated a full day solid looking at product packaging and Makeup Brushes, OMG let me tell you, you’ve never seen so many Makeup Brushes in one place in your life.

Prior to the show we really did our homework, when you\'re at Cosmoprof it\'s very easy to 1. Get lost and 2. Whisked along browsing all the exhibits. So we had set up a number of meetings with manufacturers from Italy, Bulgaria, UK, Poland, Germany, China, Taiwan and South Korea.

It’s fantastic to meet so many passionate international manufacturers. Contrary to popular belief it is actually often global factories that are responsible for much of the new product innovation in the makeup sector. You can pretty quickly work out who is manufacturing for who and the factories are so enthusiastic to showcase their latest innovations in both packaging and formulation.

There are always trends that rip through the makeup industry and Cosmoprof is really the place to be to discover the next innovations. Notable trends that we picked up on were Powder to Liquid foundations, Powder Lipsticks, Silicone applicators and Silicone product packaging.

K-Beauty is huge at the moment and in Cosmoprof it\'s not the exception. Korean beauty brands and manufacturers truly seem to be leading the way in makeup and skincare innovation and we met some amazing companies looking to bring their products to the European market. Watch this space for some exciting releases at the end of the year.

Finding new suppliers is more than just great quality products, It\'s also about relationships. We’ve been extremely lucky to connect with some amazing new suppliers and get know the people behind the products. You can learn so much getting to know skilled people and one of my favourite things about Cosmoprof is the social scene that takes place each evening in the city.

Like all Italian Cities, there is no shortage of amazing restaurants, cafes and eateries. We had amazing hosts this year who were kind enough to show us some of the newest places to visit and they went down a treat with our new suppliers. The Friday night was particularly fun as it just so happened to be St. Patricks day. So needless to say we ended up in an Irish Pub in the middle of Bologna drinking Guinness with local and international beauty professionals till the wee small hours :)

It’s always great to mix in a bit of social at these events but to be honest the real works starts when you get back home. It takes weeks just to go through all the samples, business cards and catalogues and follow up with all the contacts. We’ve been working flat out to launch our new website and product range and this is just the beginning. We have loads of exciting products in the pipeline so please be sure to signup for our newsletter to get all the latest news on product development and new releases. We will be back in Bologna next year for sure so if you\'re going let us know and we’ll have to meet up.

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