12 Mar 2017

Lipstick Anyone?

Lipstick Anyone?

We all have different preferences, whether the creamy, gloss, long lasting, matte and much more. At Crowd Colour, we have sourced a variety of products from handpicked and trusted suppliers that we work with from around the world. 

At Crowd Colour we have a range of products from the chunky Honey Nutrition Lipstick and Shining Lipsticks which come in six great colours each, through to our Creamy Lipstick, Matte Lip Colour, Lip Gloss and Lip Balm.

Lipsticks are an instant winner! I always ensure I\'m suitably topped up for whatever the occasion may be. It\'s an instant confidence builder and I know that when I\'m wearing the products I trust, I command the audience in the room. Whether it\'s persuasion, seduction or slap down, it gives me all the cards I need to play my hand! All products achieve a different finish, but we always ensure that we use only the finest ingredients in all of our products. 

There\'s so much choice, pick one - pick one that is special to you!

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