8 Mar 2017

Make-up Focus Group

Make-up Focus Group

Last night we had our first make-up focus-group. So let’s rewind a bit here. I’m currently living in London, but head to CCHQ every couple of weeks in Swansea to catch up with the rest of the team. When I stay in Swansea, I generally stay with either family friends or more recently have stayed locally through Airbnb near to where CC is based. I have now stayed with Airbnb hosts a couple of times and they have been very welcoming, giving a basic place for me to lay my head.

When telling my hosts one time about what I do and what we are creating at Crowd Colour, I thought it could be great to have a focus group so they could try our products and give some feedback for us to take on board, whilst also having some fun! 

It turned into a fun family affair as my host Michaela gathered her friends and family to try out our products. I introduced myself briefly to everyone and we just tried the products out. Some of the products that seemed to be popular were; CC Cushion, Silicone beauty blenders, Matte lip colour along with the Eyeshadows.

The CC Cushion takes on one of the trends from Korea and a number of big brands such as YSL and Doir are currently using this technology for their products to allow even distribution through the air cushion but at £12.99 we pitch the product which holds a similar formula at less than half the price of the big names, whilst also including a refill.

The Silicone beauty blender is another new product which is becoming popular to help evenly distribute powder or liquid, whilst minimising on wasting product. Easy to use and helps you save money on the product my minimising wastage.

The matte lip colour formula has been very popular over the last year. We prioritised finding a good formula for this product and we believe that we have great value in this product which is high-pigment and long lasting. It currently comes in six different shades, but we are looking to bring over new colours in the future.

Our eyeshadow formulas are also popular. Again a high pigment product, which people love the look and texture of. These come either as singles or in a compact case of six.

It was encouraging to hear that everyone recognised and was surprised by the quality of the products along with the keen pricing that we have for our customers along with the Beautiful Way to Give scheme which everyone thought was a great idea.

We look forward to hosting more events and getting more feedback on our products from our customers.



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