19 Mar 2017

The Beauty is in Community

The Beauty is in Community

When we set up Crowd Colour, we decided that we not only want to build a company that provides high-quality products at affordable prices, but we want to build a company that supports the local community. By connecting with existing communities, groups and schools hosting one of our home or community make-up parties can be a great way to bring people together, try out our great products and support your local school.

The Beautiful way to Give”, is a support scheme that is built into our business model which directly addresses a key community challenge by supporting local schools of our customers’ choice. By giving 10% of our customer basket to help local schools, we a passionate about supporting and shaping education.

We want to bring giving back to the community, encouraging people to share experiences, time and money for the greater good of others. This resonates with the family values that we hold as a business.

Building community and encouraging a spirit of generosity is what we promote here at Crowd Colour. We want to be known not just for our great products and business strategy, but also for the community we support, the people we bring together and how we can help to shape education through our support for local schools.

What matters most to us is creating a lasting business model that is not purely measured by our quality products, but also by the relationships we have with our customers.

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